About Us



'n. In Greek antiquity, originally the name of the office or official residence of a magistracy; later, the body of magistrates itself, and, afterward, the place in which public archives were kept.'

At House of Archeion Our Passion is to deliver exotic ranges of ethically sourced treasures, rare finds curated under the Archeion banner, beautiful items from far away lands bringing an element of mystique to your space. 

Shop House of Archeion here in our cyber souk for online collections, with new products being added all the time.

 For more extensive purchase options and viewings please visit our Store and Showroom in Stratford Cairns, a promised land of hand selected and imported Ethnic Home décor, gift ware and wearables from Morocco, Mali, Nigeria, Cameroon, the Ivory Coast, India and beyond.

 We welcome all inquiries, if you see something of interest via our Instagram or shoot styling please contact us directly by email or phone. 

We love to collaborate with other brands or stylists when the creative fit is right for HOA, please get in touch if you have a project you are interested in working with us on.

We believe The pieces with which we surround our selves, decorate with, collect and wear in our lives, tell our personal story, speak to the world of who we are, and archive our history.

Many tribal and ethnic products already come with a rich past and tell a vivid tale of who and where they came from. Woven, painted, melded and spun, they are created with integrity ensuring ancient arts are carried forward into our current world. 

The House of Archeion experience is tactile and sensory, a House of Archeion product is artisan made, hand selected, created or collected

Each piece tells a story inspires a conversation, Will be Treasured forever.

House of Archeion jewellery and wearables: 

This is our signature collection designed and created by the Archeion family collective, drawing on historical inspiration , nomadic travels and life long love affairs with jewellery, textiles and wearable art, we incorporate mineral and man-made materials, with the use of semi precious stones unique prints, ethnic/icons, and talismans, and antique trade items to make a mark and record y/our story. 

Adorn and Adore the House of Archeion way.

This is a vibrant, beautiful life.

Archive your style.

Live limitless.